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COUNTING CROWS & Everything After

Community for fans of the greatest band alive!

Counting Crows Fans Unite
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General info

San Francisco based Counting Crows got its start in 1993 when its hit album August and Everything after was released. Critics and fans alike were amazed by the moody , lyrical rhyme of this platinum selling band whose members include or have included:

Adam Duritz - lead vocals, piano, and harmonica
Ben Mize - drums
Charlie Gillingham - piano, Hammond B-3 organ, accordion, chamberlain
Matt Malley - bass, guitar
David Bryson - guitar
Dan Vickrey - guitar, mandolin
David (Immy) Immergluck - guitar, mandolin, pedal steel
{Steve Bowman} - drums

the band went on to produce 4 other albums, below are all albums listed in order by date

August and Everything After
•Released 9.14.93

Recovering the Satellites
•Released: 10.15.96

Across A Wire: Live In New York City
•Released: 7.14.98

This Desert Life
•Released: 10.5.99

Hard Candy
•Released: 7.9.02

For more information about the band please visit Counting Crows L the official Counting Crows mailing list.


Counting Crows permit all shows to be recorded by fans in order to create an open trading environment. If interested in beginning a Counting Crows bootleg collection please visit the Counting Crows bootleg data base . Please do not buy any albums from the internet as they are all available here for trade free of charge as well as several FTP servers for at home download. If you see anyone on any auction website selling these albums please notify that website immediately.

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